When apes will rule the earth

Star Movies premiered the Rise of the Planet of the Apes on the weekend.   Having watched the classic  Planet of the Apes the previous day, I was looking forward to this.

While not in the same league as the classic, Rise of the... is a stunning portrayal of what is possible when science tries to control nature.  In the name of medical research, an ape is subjected to drugs which make it as smart as, or even smarter than man.   Before it goes mad and is killed, it gives birth to Caesar.  Caesar exhibits the same traits as its parent and is content to be a pet in the home of the scientist.  But not for long.  Once it is sent to live with other apes and subject to various atrocities and abuses, it undergoes a transformation.

Caesar rallies all the apes around him and then it is time for revenge.

What was pleasantly surprising about the movie was the location it was shot.  Since I had been to SFO barely a month back, I could recall some of the landmarks.  Muir Woods where Caesar is initially taken for some "open air" and which he finally makes his home, the Twin Peaks from there the apes view the City they want to attack and of course, the Golden Gate bridge - the scene of the climax.  (I would assume most of the actual scenes would have been shot in the studio)

With the progress in animation and digital effects, the apes look very realistic.  You cannot help sympathise with Caesar as he loses his trust and faith in his master.

From the ending, it is evident that there is every possibility of a sequel!