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Credit cards and double-swiping

I had written about Credit Card experiences - tips and tricks a few months back.  It is only fair that I write about an incident which indicates what can go wrong as well.

I frequent a Grocery shop in Vignan Nagar called Fair Choice Super Market.  They have all the items I need and usually new stocks.  They take credit cards.  They are close to my home.

Late last month, I made my usual purchase and gave my card to be swiped.  The person at the cash counter did this.  For some reason, the charge slip did not come out from the machine.  I got an SMS alerting that the transaction had happened.

The cashier restarted the machine and generated the charge slip.  He also punched a few keys and generated a report which seemed to indicate the transaction did not go through.  I told him that I had received the SMS, which contradicted him.  He said he will swipe again and in case there is double debit, he will let me know.  He said usually the failed transaction gets automatically reversed and …

Face to face meeting - a farce?

The face to face meeting of the Chief Ministers of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu  [TN] in Bangalore yesterday in Leela Palace meant inconvenience to office-goers, besides a loss of tax-payers money (I am assuming Tamil Nadu Chief Minister did not spend out of her pocket for her visit).

Then there was the expense for all the cut-outs of Amma  [as TN CM is respectfully called] which adorned the Airport Road from Leela Palace to Old Airport Departure - on every lamp-post and other vantage points. I had a fleeting glance and hence am not sure, if they are reusable and can be used for subsequent visits.

That is besides the point.  The more important thing is what was the meeting for.  It was to discuss water sharing.

In today's world of audio-video conferencing, what was the purpose of face-to-face meeting?   What was it that they hoped to achieve that they could not do over phone or video?   Essentially they should have been brainstorming, thinking out of the box and coming up with some …

End of CBeebies in India

It was only when Tatasky began running the scrolling text in the bottom of CBeebies channel the other day, that I realized CBeebies was going out of air on 30th Nov.

As the staple channel for my little one during food-time, we have got used to watching some enjoyable programs in this channel.  There are quite a few things that I liked about this channel:

Ads-free:  All the other kids channels like Pogo have ads, many of them targeted at children.  At that age, these ads can badly influence them.

Clean entertainment:  None of the programs depict violence, rage and similar things.  Watch a Chotta Bheem episode or a Tom and Jerry cartoon and you will know what I am saying.

Creative:  The programs are very creative in nature.  How else can you explain a Mister Maker, who
makes interesting things in a minute and works with children to create things?  Or a "We can cook" show where children learn to cook, as well as learn more about some of the ingredients that they use?   There…

Blue screen @ irctc

I thought the dreaded blue screen associated with Windoz was a thing of the past with the release of newer and stabler versions of the OS.   Blue is now more popular as the facebook color.

So it was quite amusing when I tried to login to the infamous irctc to check about a train ticket availability.  Here is what I got after I specified my username and password.

Looks like an error a novice learning jsp and servlets might get.  But blue background and stacktrace central aligned?  Hilarious!

Update (a few minutes later):  Looks like a transient issue. I could login successfully.  But I saw something more interesting...

Was it a browser issue (Chrome on OSX) or are the pages indeed in "Malay" and not "English"?