End of CBeebies in India

It was only when Tatasky began running the scrolling text in the bottom of CBeebies channel the other day, that I realized CBeebies was going out of air on 30th Nov.

As the staple channel for my little one during food-time, we have got used to watching some enjoyable programs in this channel.  There are quite a few things that I liked about this channel:

Ads-free:  All the other kids channels like Pogo have ads, many of them targeted at children.  At that age, these ads can badly influence them.

Clean entertainment:  None of the programs depict violence, rage and similar things.  Watch a Chotta Bheem episode or a Tom and Jerry cartoon and you will know what I am saying.

Creative:  The programs are very creative in nature.  How else can you explain a Mister Maker, who
makes interesting things in a minute and works with children to create things?  Or a "We can cook" show where children learn to cook, as well as learn more about some of the ingredients that they use?   There are others...

Above all else, our little one likes it.   He loves Mr.Maker - God knows why?  He is too young to understand most of the things, but just likes watching his antics.

BBC has reasons for closing this channel, but it is indeed a disappointment.  We are busy recording programs in our Tatasky DVR so that we can play back a few in times of need!

Update: I was in a relative's home on 2nd Dec and was surprised to see Cbeebies showing up in their TV.  They use a Cable Set Top Box by an alternate provider.  I could not find any update from CBeebies indicating they had resumed telecast.  I am wondering if the provider is picking up feeds from a different country. 


  1. hi raghu

    I was searching for an alternate way to watch cbeebies from india.That's when i came across your blog and i find it very interesting.. keep on writing..we enjoy it.
    BTW can you please let me know the service provider airing the cbeebies.. is it through some proxy? my daughter misses it a lot..:)

  2. hi raghu

    Wonder why BBC stopped broadcasting the kids channel. It was the only channel which could be viewed by kids even when we are not around and my son used to love it a lot.

    I have tried to find alternate ways to watch it online but of no use. Please lets know if you could, by any chance

  3. itseems cbeebies would be available as part of the fun learning pack in tata sky...try checking it out

  4. I wish cbeebies comes back to india. Coz my daughters loved it so much and we too felt that it was the only channel that never showed violence and vulgarity and ofcourse like said those stupid adds that not only targets kids but also teenagers.
    I really really wish it comes back for the KIDS SAKE in INDIA.


  6. Maybe it will help you a bit http://www.livestream.com/cbeebies

  7. Waiting for u Cbebbies....

  8. plz do something to get back Cbebbies

  9. CBeebies programs are now available in ZeeQ channel, which is available in Tatasky. (https://www.zeeq.in/shows/cbeebies-hour)


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