Face to face meeting - a farce?

The face to face meeting of the Chief Ministers of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu  [TN] in Bangalore yesterday in Leela Palace meant inconvenience to office-goers, besides a loss of tax-payers money (I am assuming Tamil Nadu Chief Minister did not spend out of her pocket for her visit).

Then there was the expense for all the cut-outs of Amma  [as TN CM is respectfully called] which adorned the Airport Road from Leela Palace to Old Airport Departure - on every lamp-post and other vantage points. I had a fleeting glance and hence am not sure, if they are reusable and can be used for subsequent visits.

That is besides the point.  The more important thing is what was the meeting for.  It was to discuss water sharing.

In today's world of audio-video conferencing, what was the purpose of face-to-face meeting?   What was it that they hoped to achieve that they could not do over phone or video?   Essentially they should have been brainstorming, thinking out of the box and coming up with some workable solution.  What happened instead?  Rigid posture from both sides and finally a walkout - completely theatrical.

This did not need any meeting at all.   Time and money could have been saved as well as harassment to daily commuters.

So what it was essentially?  Political gestures.  Pretending to show interest, pretending to reach out and being open.

In the end, both sides claimed victory in their own way.  Karnataka CM gained brownie points for staying firm.  TN CM showed her displeasure "walking out".

Ultimately, the misery of the people remained unchanged.