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Book Review: The Life of Pi

When we were roommates, my friend developed this habit of buying Booker Prize winning books.    It started with The God of Small Things, which won the Booker Prize in 1997.  It was followed by Amsterdam, Disgrace and the Blind Assassin - the winners in subsequent years.

We moved to our own homes in 2000.  I guess my friend still buys Booker Prize winners.
The Life of Pi won the Booker Prize in 2002.  It would not have received any attention but for the release of a movie based on it a few weeks back.  With the movie winning critical acclaim for its director Ang Lee and being tauted as Oscar contender, I was keen to read the book, before I saw the movie.  No matter, how faithful a movie director is to the book that his movie is based, there are many things that written words can portray that cannot be done in a movie!

I have not seen The Life of Pi movie yet, so the review is only about the book.

The plot is simple.  There is the protagonist, whose nick name is Pi.  His father runs a…

Book Review: Waking Hours

As a registered user of Booksneeze, I end up occasionally picking up and reviewing one of their books.   Waking Hours is the third novel of Lis Wiehl that I have had the chance to read.

Waking Hours is co-authored with Pete Nelson and is the first of the three East Salem trilogy.

The novel describes a chilling murder of a teenage girl which occurs in a quiet town in East Salem. A bunch of teenagers who were with her are the prime suspects of the murder.  Dani Harris, a forensic psychiatrist is called to help law enforcement in the case.

Tommy Gundersen is a retired football star who runs a fitness center in the same town.  He is involved in the case because one of the suspects is a member of the center.  Tommy and Dani go back a long way - from High School days, though their paths had not crossed after school.

While on the one hand, there is the attempt to solve the murder mystery, on the other hand, the protagonists have their personal issues too.  Dani wakes up each morning at 2.1…

Of newspapers

Last week, I finally decided to switch from The Times of India (ToI) to The Hindu, after a fair bit of procrastination.  But really, why did I want to continue with ToI?

Considering almost all their pages are nothing but advertisements or advertorials, I don't see why we should pay any money for the paper at all. Fine, I do get to know that 5 kg of atta is given a Rs.5/- discount at Big Bazaar on a Wednesday, but really, do I ever go by these ads?

As for the news, the less said about ToI, the better. What they lack in contents, they make up in Page 3 gossip or photos.  They do take up "burning issues", but most of the time, you are not sure if they are not just stoking the embers.

They have perfected the art (or whatever you want to call it) of mixing news and advertisements so that often you don't realise you had just read an advertisement and not a news item.

As for The Hindu, I admit that it does take a fair bit of time to read. But hey, you can't fault the…

And the speed breaks are back...

If any further proof is needed that the traffic management system in Bangalore is quixotic, you just need to look at the reintroducing of speed humps or speed bumps (both seems valid english phrases) on the Inner Ring Road that connects Indira Nagar to Koramangala.
Depending on who is in charge, the speed breakers make their appearance or disappear.  The latter leaves such a mark that one would think having the speed breaker was better than the mark left by its removal. To know what I mean just pass one of the "removed" speed breakers in Jeevan Bhima Nagar.
So, to come back to the Inner Ring Road, there used to be a speed breaker in the U-turn junction just before the bridge.  This was removed in the direction from Indira Nagar to Koramangala.  There is still enough remnants of the speed breaker that you need to slow down or have your vehicle toss you up.  There are two boards to warn of the impending speed breaker despite it having been removed.
That was the past.  Sometim…