And the speed breaks are back...

If any further proof is needed that the traffic management system in Bangalore is quixotic, you just need to look at the reintroducing of speed humps or speed bumps (both seems valid english phrases) on the Inner Ring Road that connects Indira Nagar to Koramangala.

Depending on who is in charge, the speed breakers make their appearance or disappear.  The latter leaves such a mark that one would think having the speed breaker was better than the mark left by its removal. To know what I mean just pass one of the "removed" speed breakers in Jeevan Bhima Nagar.

So, to come back to the Inner Ring Road, there used to be a speed breaker in the U-turn junction just before the bridge.  This was removed in the direction from Indira Nagar to Koramangala.  There is still enough remnants of the speed breaker that you need to slow down or have your vehicle toss you up.  There are two boards to warn of the impending speed breaker despite it having been removed.

That was the past.  Sometime in the last three weeks, two new speed breakers have been introduced on this road on both directions.  One is before the Bus Stop before Embassy Golf Links -  I suspect as a way to slow down traffic for people to cross.  No signs posted.  The speed breaker is not painted as well.  

As it is, there are three zebra crossings and a traffic light for pedestrians.   

The other one is in the most ridiculous place possible - in the curve after the Embassy Golf Links as you go to Koramangala.  Possibly this is the area that people speed up and this is ostensibly to reduce that.  This one has no sign or paint either - which means it won't be long before we read about an accident here.  And these are present on both sides as well - not just one.

How much can speed breakers force drivers to stick to speed limits?  I would suggest a more natural approach - as prevalent on Old Airport Road before Leela Palace.  The road is so much broken up that you can't drive over 20kmph unless you drive an Army Tanker.