Of newspapers

Last week, I finally decided to switch from The Times of India (ToI) to The Hindu, after a fair bit of procrastination.  But really, why did I want to continue with ToI?

Considering almost all their pages are nothing but advertisements or advertorials, I don't see why we should pay any money for the paper at all. Fine, I do get to know that 5 kg of atta is given a Rs.5/- discount at Big Bazaar on a Wednesday, but really, do I ever go by these ads?

As for the news, the less said about ToI, the better. What they lack in contents, they make up in Page 3 gossip or photos.  They do take up "burning issues", but most of the time, you are not sure if they are not just stoking the embers.

They have perfected the art (or whatever you want to call it) of mixing news and advertisements so that often you don't realise you had just read an advertisement and not a news item.

As for The Hindu, I admit that it does take a fair bit of time to read. But hey, you can't fault them for not covering news events - especially sports.

When I look back, in my home in Cochin, we used to buy Malayala Manorama when we were young.  Why Malayalam paper?  For local news coverage -   to know, for instance, when there is a power cut in your road or when water supply is stopped.

Then Indian Express starting publishing in Cochin, which meant an English newspaper which had local events.  We started getting that, so that our English reading skills could improve as well.

Our next door neighbour always used to buy "The Hindu", which was published from Trivandrum at that time (or was it Coimbatore?  Not sure).  I was a big fan, mainly due to the Cryptic Crosswords that they published.  (Indian Express had it as well, but I preferred The Hindu ones).

Thus we grew up to The Indian Express and The Hindu. The Indian Express broke up due to a family dispute and it affected its quality. A year or so back, my dad shifted to The Hindu.

Well, times have passed (pun intended). Let us see how "The Hindu" holds up!