A nice movie to end the year

It is 10 PM on 31st December 2012.   We are at home.  TV programs suck big time.  I had recorded in my Tata Sky+ (Digital Video Recorder), the Hindi movie English Vinglish which aired a couple of days back.  The original schedule of the movie was 8 PM to 1.05 AM - a staggering 5 hours 5 minutes. Considering a Hindi movie would be utmost 3 hours, this meant a staggering 2 hours worth of ads - understandable, considering it was a "World Premier" and the TV channel would have paid sizeable amount for the movie.

Now, the advantage of recording a movie is, it allows you to fast-forward (rewind, pause, as well, but that is not relevant here).   This meant, we could fast-forward ads (at 30x speeds, which meant a 10 minutes ad break could be skipped in about 10 seconds).   Interestingly, many channels now show a countdown to the resumption of movie. This allows you to decide when you should stop the "fast-forwarding".  Of course, if you do jump past the ad break, you can rewind to the desired position.

Anyway, so much about how to watch a movie sans ads, if you don't mind shelling out the initial cost of the set top box as well as the comparatively high monthly subscription.

English Vinglish is an excellent movie - a convincing plot, good cast and acting and devoid of the usual Hindi movie formula like villains, comedy and so on.

The plot is simple.  A house-wife - mother of two - is looked down upon by her husband and children because she doesn't know English - though otherwise, she is quite resourceful in taking care of her family, besides running a small household laddoo selling business.

Understandably each such condescending incident of her being made fun of, demoralises her.  She has to go to US to help plan her niece's marriage.  There she accidentally sees an advertisement about "learn to speak english in xx days".  She surreptitiously enrolls in the course and joins a motley group of people who want to learn English for various reasons.

Not only does this help her learn the language, she is also exposed to a different world outside her family - including one where she has an admirer, who tries to woe her.   This helps her get self-confidence and self-respect.

What is nice about the movie is the way in which it evolves - natural and not contrived.  The story is quite plausible and I couldn't help look back and remember if I ever felt the same about my mother.  Ore more importantly, if my mother felt the same way as the protagonist.  (She said she was never made to feel that way by my father or us - her children)

Sridevi shows her age, but does a splended job - doing justice to her role.  The supporting cast back her up well too.   A clean entertainer to wind up 2012 and usher in the new year.

Can't help adding that I am yet to complete viewing Ek Tha Tiger.  I have had two "sittings" and believe I'm unsure where it is going.  Hopefully I'll write about it once I'm done (note - not "if" I am done).