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CTS 2010 cheque books and SBI

It has been a while since I issued a cheque.  I do most of the payments through Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronics Clearance Scheme or standing instructions these days - the rest being credit card and cash transactions.

However, considering that you never know when you need to issue a cheque, I decided to get the latest CTS-2010 compliant cheque book for the banks that I have an account with.  SBI was one of them and I logged into their online portal for the same.

My first problem was figuring out the link to click to request for a cheque book.  I had done this a while back and had forgotten what I did then.

I clicked on How do I...? link in their portal and was taken to a Menu, which also included Request for a check book.  Clicking on this showed me a video, which indicated I had to click on a Request link in the menu.

This would have been a cake walk, but for the fact that there was no such link in the menu.   A close inspection of the various menu items revealed an e-Services link.  Clicking on this link presented among other things,  Check book link.  

Essentially, the "How do I..." link was outdated.

I clicked on the Check book link and chose the account.  This is what I got.

All the choices were greyed out.  Not only was I presented with only one selected option, but was also warned that it would cost me Rs.2/- per cheque leaf!  Essentially a Rs.100/- charge for ordering a cheque book.

I did not see the point in going ahead and the only good thing I felt that the portal chose to warn me in Red color about the charges, rather than do it behind the scenes.

As it is, I strongly dislike the Banks charging an annual Debit card fee, after forcibly issuing the same to  customers.  I don't see why users should pay for the service which benefits the Bank more than the user.  The least I would expect is an ability to opt-out of it.  


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