Book Review: Heads You Win

Of hospital ads

Among the many ads that I listen to in Radio One, during the drive to office is the one by Manipal Hospitals.  After making various claims as to why they are the best, they "thank their patrons and well-wishers" for making this happen.

I can't help thinking.  Should they not be thanking God for creating ailments for people?  Should they not be thanking patients for flocking to their hospital in large numbers, which in turn increases their revenue and profits?   Should they not thank drunkards, rapists, other law-breakers, who create victims - accidents, calamities - natural and man-made? 

Well-wishers! Who would wish a hospital well?  

A few weeks back, we needed an appointment with a pulmonologist.  We called up Manipal Hospital late in the evening to be told that we need to call them at 9 AM.   I tried to get information from their website - half the pages did not load and .  Anyway, we called them at 9 AM the next day and were told that one of the pulmonologists was away and back only in Feb and the other had no appointments till the next week.

How I wish we could tell diseases - "Hold on!  the doctor is not available.  Why don't you come next week?"

Interestingly, the focus of ads these days is about which is the better hospital to deliver a child - with Manipal now having competition (ad-wise, if not other-wise) from Cloudnine.  I guess this is another event, which cannot wait for an appointment - though these days, we do read of births "arranged to happen"during specific/fancy dates/times like 12.12.12.