Poster menace in Bangalore

I can't remember when I started seeing cut-out and posters of politicians in Bangalore.   It is a recent phenomena which has now increased to ridiculous proportions.

Cut-outs were made popular by Tamil film stars as part of their film publicity.  Each new release of a movie brought a new and large cut-out of the hero or the heroine in and around the cinema theatre.   Politicians did not want to be left behind and soon, we could find their cut-outs near meeting venues or during election campaigns.

In Bangalore, I remember seeing cut-outs of actors when going to Majestic - passing through some of the old theatre areas.  I had also seen occasional movie posters.

It is only in the last two-three years that I have seen posters of politicians - of all hue and cry - adorn the city roadsides and other visible areas.  The popular ones are the festival wishes - from Happy New Year to Happy Xmas and every other festival of all religions in between.   Based on the political party, the poster starts with a photo of the central leader (Sonia Gandhi in case of Congress and Vajpayee in case of BJP).  It then has the photo of the state leader, followed by the Chief Minister, the local MLA and finally the local corporator. It is usually the MLA or the Corporator who wants the publicity and puts this up.

While we do appreciate their wishes, I wish the cost of the posters were instead put to better use - like say better roads or toilet facility or these days - better garbage disposal.  Posters don't come free and I really doubt if they get recycled.

The posters become really annoying when they block vision of the drivers or the pedestrians.  Invariably I find them in the median, tied to lamp posts, blocking the view of oncoming vehicles for a pedestrian attempting to cross.   Here is a recent one taken from my cellphone camera in the Sony World traffic signal in Koramangala...

The next most popular posters are Thank you posters.  These "thank" the local MLA or other leader for "asphalting of a specific road", "completing the tarring of another road", "doing the pipe-laying or sewage work" and so on.  There were so many posters related to the tarring in Indira Nagar, when I drove a couple of weekends back.   Road maintenance is one of the responsibilities of the Corporator or MLA and I don't understand why should he be thanked for doing the job for which is paid for.

What an irony that the person who gets the tarring done himself pays for the posters thanking himself!

Now, I don't see posters of these guys when a road is dug up or in bad shape.  Take the stretch from Basava Nagar to Vigyan Nagar (the area where I live).  The roads are in terrible condition for more than a year now, courtesy pipe laying work.  I doubt if any of the poster boys (or girls) will dare to move around the area without incurring the wrath of the local people.


  1. well the elected representatives want to use up the money allocated to them (our money) and use them for their cheap publicity. it is sad to see no one reacting to them


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