To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird. What a book to start 2013.  I had read this a while back.  I own a copy as well.

Told through the eyes of 6 year old girl, this is a coming-to-age story of a girl in the Southern state of Alabama, during the Great Depression.

Scout and her brother Jem live with their father Atticus, a lawyer.  Their mother is no more and they are looked after by an African American lady.  True to their age, they go around their neighbourhood and are very curious about one of their neighbours, Boo, who they have never seen.  They also get to befriend Dill, when he comes to visit his aunt during holidays.

Their father is asked to defend Tom, a black man accused of raping a white girl, daughter of a drunkard.  The story is about the trial and how the outcome leads to events that affect the children as well as their father.

Though the story deals with serious topics like rape and racial discrimination, it is told in a simple and innocent way.  How, even as children, you have questions on fairness, morality and justice.  How the American society was racially prejudiced in the past.  How this must be based on one of the many countless incidents which happened.

The author won a Pulitzer prize for this work and no wonder why.  Like the Life of Pi, this is another book, whose movie now I need to catch, since I see that it won the Best Actor oscar for Gregory Peck.