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Windows 8 and Kies

Having upgraded our laptop to Windows 8, I wanted to connect my (now archaic) Samsung Galaxy Ace phone to Kies to sync up contacts and stuff. Kies said it had an upgrade available and the dumb guy that I was, went ahead and upgraded.  I connect the phone through the USB cable to the laptop and get a stupid message, which goes something like this: "Your phone does not work with Kies 2.0.  Make your phone compatible and try again".

Googling for this revealed that this is not a new thing - and not just with Windows 8.  Looks like getting a Samsung phone to connect and work with Kies is a matter of luck.   I could not help look back at my adventure trying to upgrade my phone using Kies.

I see that Kies is now available on Mac (but only for S2 and above).  Considering the poor battery quality of my phone - it drains out like water from Bangalore borewells - I should better leave it as it is!


  1. Kies is one the worst softwares in the planet. Even upgrading to new firmwire on my galaxy s2 proved a lot of trouble. Better find other alternatives.


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