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iPad3 and iOS6

In line with keeping myself on the bleeding edge of technology, I upgraded my Apple iPad (3rd generation) to iOS 6 when it was released.   There was nothing wrong with the earlier version of the OS on the iPad - applications were working fine, internet access was good... It was just to "be on the latest version".

After a few days, I noticed that my iPad stopped connecting to my wireless network.  Initially I did not relate this to the iOS upgrade. But subsequently I realised that iOS 6 had introduced a bunch of wireless network-related issues.

In my specific case, it had to do with the way my ISP (Hathway) worked.   They showed up a "login page" when accessing an internet page for the first time, each day.   Only once you entered the credentials provided by them, could you access internet.  This is similar to the behavior in hotels, airport lounges and so on.

For whatever reason, in iOS6, when the network was enabled, Apple decided to contact some website of their…

Platform tickets in stations

If you are like me and like to follow rules by buying a platform ticket when dropping relatives or friends in the Railway Station, then you will share my frustration at the effort that it takes to get one.

The other day, I went to drop my parents in Krishnarajapuram Railway Station.     I went inside the "Reservation Center", where there were multiple counters - some for current booking and others for making reservations.  I looked around for a counter for platform tickets and found none.  I looked around for a platform ticket dispenser - an ATM-like machine that took change and spit out a platform ticket.  I had seen them (a while back) in Bangalore City Station.  No sign of these either.

There was long lines in the "current booking" counters and I stood in that for 10 minutes before I got a platform ticket.

I could have gone in without a platform ticket.   As it turned out, on that day there were no ticket examiners.   However, on other occasions, I had seen Rai…

Where is my wireless network?

This morning I open my computer to find it unable to "join any network".   I checked my Linksys wireless router and saw that it was On and the three lights were glowing as it should.  My Hathway cable internet modem had its green lights on as well.

I switched wireless off and on with no change.  I deleted my router configuration and re-entered the details.  No difference.  For good measure, I restarted my computer.  Still no good.

"Hmm! must be a problem with my computer", I thought.  It was working yesterday.  Nothing had changed since then.  I decided to switch on the wireless of my phone.  Strange!  it failed to connect to the router as well.

This was indeed puzzling.  Then I noticed something even more interesting.  Among the couple of other networks that showed up (neighbouring apartments), I saw one "linksys" which was unprotected (no lock sign)!   No, that could not be.   For one, my network ssid was different.  On top of that, it was protected. …