Book Review: Heads You Win

iPad3 and iOS6

In line with keeping myself on the bleeding edge of technology, I upgraded my Apple iPad (3rd generation) to iOS 6 when it was released.   There was nothing wrong with the earlier version of the OS on the iPad - applications were working fine, internet access was good... It was just to "be on the latest version".

After a few days, I noticed that my iPad stopped connecting to my wireless network.  Initially I did not relate this to the iOS upgrade. But subsequently I realised that iOS 6 had introduced a bunch of wireless network-related issues.

In my specific case, it had to do with the way my ISP (Hathway) worked.   They showed up a "login page" when accessing an internet page for the first time, each day.   Only once you entered the credentials provided by them, could you access internet.  This is similar to the behavior in hotels, airport lounges and so on.

For whatever reason, in iOS6, when the network was enabled, Apple decided to contact some website of theirs on their own, failing which they just disabled that network.

We worked around this by having a different device do the initial ISP login and then enabling wireless on the iPad.

We thought that was all there was to it, till we tried to update an App.  iTunes notified that there were updates and it showed the relevant one as well.  You clicked on "update", and after a few seconds, got the message "Error connecting to app store".   As it turned, this was another known issue with iOS6.

Interestingly, users had posted various things that worked for them in the Apple Community pages, but none of them worked.   The hardest part was figuring out that it was the combination of the ISP and iOS6 issues that was causing these.

I figured that out by taking my iPad to office and seeing that it worked quite well there!

Fortunately, iOS6.1 came out a few days back.  After upgrading to it, both the problems above have gone away.  It looks like Apple had addressed these issues.

So, if at all you want to upgrade iOS, upgrade to the latest.