Platform tickets in stations

If you are like me and like to follow rules by buying a platform ticket when dropping relatives or friends in the Railway Station, then you will share my frustration at the effort that it takes to get one.

The other day, I went to drop my parents in Krishnarajapuram Railway Station.     I went inside the "Reservation Center", where there were multiple counters - some for current booking and others for making reservations.  I looked around for a counter for platform tickets and found none.  I looked around for a platform ticket dispenser - an ATM-like machine that took change and spit out a platform ticket.  I had seen them (a while back) in Bangalore City Station.  No sign of these either.

There was long lines in the "current booking" counters and I stood in that for 10 minutes before I got a platform ticket.

I could have gone in without a platform ticket.   As it turned out, on that day there were no ticket examiners.   However, on other occasions, I had seen Railway ticket examiners hanging around near the overbridge asking for tickets.

We happened to reach the Station early and I could afford to spend the time getting a ticket.  I wondered what I would have done, if I were late.  I would have not bought the ticket and risked getting caught by the ticket examiner.

I wondered why does Railways have to harass those who were dropping of their near and dear ones, by making it difficult to get a platform ticket.

I could think of different ways in which Railways could make it easy for users to get a platform ticket.

Separate counter for platform ticket
Machines to dispense them.
Tie up with Banks and allow Bank ATMs to dispense tickets
Allow a platform ticket to be purchased online
Tie up with telecom companies and provide platform ticket over SMS
Ticket examiners to dispense the ticket

And for some whacky ideas...

Allow the staff of various shops in the Station (including the tea/coffee vendor) to sell platform tickets.
Tie tickets to stray dogs which roam the premises, along with a tin box for coins to be dropped

By the way, my parents' train came unannounced.   One could keep talking (or in this case writing) about the "infamous Railways service".


  1. I fully agree with you. Taking care of people's comfort levels is never a priority when it comes to most of the services. That's really sad. You have made some very good suggestions regarding dispensing of platform tickets. In the Central railways station, a medical shop inside used to sell platform tickets for some months. It's stopped now. Not all people bother to buy platform tickets. The least railways can do is to make them available easily.

    Read my experience with platform ticket here:


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