Reliance Fresh and wholesale buyers

I frequent a Reliance Fresh store a short distance from my home.  I usually go on a Saturday or Sunday around 9 AM, when fresh stock of vegetables arrive.  The vegetables used to come around 8 AM earlier but of late it is closer or after 9 AM.

There are two-three reasons why I get vegetables from Reliance Fresh against vegetables shops near my home or a vegetable market.

  • I can get the quantity that I want - it could be 3 carrots or 10 chillies
  • I can pick and choose from the display
  • I can pay by card

Each time I visit the shop, there are one or two buyers, who are evidently not retail buyers - they pick large quantities of all vegetables.  Perhaps they run some hotel nearby or mess.   These buyers often pick the vegetables right off the containers when they are brought into the shop.  Sometimes they grab large quantities of items by hand and stuff them into their baskets.  They position themselves strategically close to the store stock room so that they have the first access to the vegetables.   Their bills run to Rs.2000/- and interestingly they use their Reliance One cards as well to get "points".

The normal regular buyers end up having to make do with whatever is left after they run riot.  Most of the time, the best of the items are picked by these guys.

It is quite likely that they are in cahoots with the store franchise, since they should be the first people to object to this. A retail outlet is not the place for such purchases.

I don't know if this is a daily occurrence or only on weekends. I suspect the former.  I am quite ok with these guys buying stuff, provided the normal customers are given a fair deal and equal access to the items.

I thought let me lodge a complaint online and visited the Reliance Fresh website.  Did I say website?  For a company of the stature of Reliance Industries, this is one of the worst websites I have ever visited!  Reliance Fresh is one of the lins in the Reliance Industries website and is just a one pager!  There is a link to the Store Locator, which gave inaccurate results of the stores based on my "location" information.

No links for Complaints/Feedbacks... it is such a pathetic excuse for a web page for a retail organisation.  I found another site, which seemed to have better information than the official one.

Bottom line:  I need to figure out a better way to complain.


  1. You are mistaking the symptom for the cause. These kind of behavior arises because the ethical values people hold is falling down. If you want to solve corruption/ineffeciency in India, here is my solution (i am not claiming it can be implemented). Go to every temple in India and put the sign: "Don't put bribe money, God does not like bribe takers and bribe givers". Fellow Indians are influenced by what gurus/swamis say/do then what politicians do.

    Bottom line: You need to rectify the cause and not the sympton.

    HP-ISO colleague

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