A tale of two movies

I got to watch two tamil movies in the space of 3 days.  One - Singam 2 - was in the theatre with family, courtesy my friend.   The other at home - Vishwaroopam - the blueray print with English subtitles (I will tell you why this is important).

The whole experience of watching Singam 2 in the theatre itself was something - the first time we were in a theatre with our 2 year 2 month son.  While he slept through the first half, amidst defeaning stunt sounds, he began to walk up and down the aisle in the second half, with another child for company.  I was pretty much hearing than seeing the movie towards the end, holding the theatre door closed with one hand, to prevent him from opening and going out!

Now for the movie.  Singam 2 is a wholesome entertainer.  The movie moves at a fast pace and there is never a dull moment.  It has all the ingredients of the masala movie - romance, sentiment, comedy, stunts... The movie is pretty much all Surya.  Other actors have hardly any role - especially Vivek, who had a better role in Singam.  The less said about heroines, the better.  The Nigerian villain was an awesome choice.  The stunt scenes are one too many though - a couple of them could have been avoided.

Coming to Vishwaroopam, I had to watch it in low volume since it was night and I had a sleeping child in the next room.  I had difficulty understanding the dialogues, especially since the sound kept varying from low to high (perhaps that was the Aura 3D effect).  The subtitles came of good use!

Kamal Hasan is awesome as the effeminate dancer, but looks ragged once we switches to his "real" character.  The violence is gruesome, perhaps to make it realistic - the scene of a severed head flying after a bomb blast is sickening.

Since a large portion is based in Afghanistan and since many of the characters are Muslims, there are a lot of dialogues, containing Allahu Akbar.  In fact, there is also a prayer which sets the stage for the twist in the movie.  Perhaps this offended some religious sentiments which led to controversies and bans (though I feel it was simply political and personal). I was watching the "uncensored" version of the movie and I could not find anything offensive though.

There were a few unanswered questions in the movie. Since Vishwaroopam 2 was premeditated, perhaps it was intentionally done.

Needless to say, I liked Singam 2 more.