And I thought I got the best deal

One of our cell phones was the good old Nokia model.  A gift from my father-in-law, it was an advanced model at its time - with dual cameras, video recording and so on.  It had a USB connector and a Nokia software (Ovi suite earlier, Nokia suite now) to sync contents.  It had suffered many a fall but survived.  Of late, it had become a little loose at the edges, but otherwise functioned quite well.

The lure of the smartphone was too much to resist and we decided to buy one.  We decided on a few constraints so that the choice could be narrowed.
  • Budget:  Rs.10k : +/- 10% 
  • Hardware:  At least dual core, quad core would be great
  • Camera: At least 5 M pixel, 8 M pixel would be great
  • Dual camera: Preferred (for skype calls)
  • Screen size:  At least 4 inches
  • Operating System:  Preferably Android  (iOS was outside budget, Windows was ok)
  • In-built memory: At least 512MB, 1 GB would be great
  • Battery:  Reasonable (we are not heavy users, so not too worried)
Even with these constraints, there were way too many matches.  On the Windows front, it was just Nokia Lumia 520.  If we excluded that, it was pretty much Android world.

When it came to Android, the contraint of Android version came up.  It made no sense to get a phone running an old version of Android like Gingerbread.  So, it had to be Icecream Sandwich (4.0.x) or JellyBean (4.1, 4.2).  This reduced the matches a bit.

It appeared that OS updates on most of the models were a pain.  Either it was unsupported or done through Service Centers.  So, it made sense to get the phone with the latest version of the OS as of date.  

This meant, a fairly newly released model.  

For our price range, Micromax was the company which had a model for all the combinations.  The model that we narrowed down was Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q.   Why?
  • Released in May 2013 - just 2 months back
  • Android version: 4.2
  • Processor : Quad core
  • Cameras: 8 MB and 2 MB front
  • Screen size: 5 inches
  • Memory: 1 GB

The only hitch was the budget.  It was selling at Rs.12,100/- in Flipkart.  So, we looked at eBay.  There were different deals - mostly around Rs.12490/-.  Then we began to see deals at Rs.11,899/-, Rs.11,799/-. I guess we were impatient and bought it when we saw a deal for Rs.11,399/- 

One thing with ebay is, the specifications may be incomplete and sometimes misleading.  One deal said Rs.2000/- worth snap cover free.  Another said, comes with a snap cover in the box.  Micromax website did not specify the cover inside the box.  The cover was useful since it would protect the phone.

Thus, the Rs.11,399/- deal did not talk about the snap cover, but we went with it, thinking we can always buy the accessories separately.  As it turned out, it came with the snap cover.

We were elated that we had got a great deal with our budget just getting exceeded.  The phone was a little bigger than we thought.  We thought it was a "mini SIM", but as it turned it takes the normal SIM.  

But as I write this and check ebay, I see a deal from the same seller - for Rs.10,289/- a solid Rs.1,100/- less than what I bought!

And thus the title of the post!


  1. ha ha, very interesting. I am dilly dallying on buying this phone since last so many months. Many say the build quality is not so great. Is it true?


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