CoD vs upfront payment

We predominantly use Flipkart for online purchases.  We  also use eBay once in a while.

We came across BabyOye - perhaps through advertisement.  "Why not try this out ?",  we thought.  Being an unfamiliar e-commerce company, we chose the Cash on Delivery option for our initial purchase.  The product was delivered in a couple of days and we were happy with the service.

Cash on delivery is a pain for multiple reasons.

  • You need to be at home.  
  • You need to have cash.  
  • You need to have exact change.

The next time, we chose the credit card option.   This time the product took 4-5 days to come.  We switched back to Cash on Delivery and what do you know, it came in 2 days.

So, at least in case of BabyOye, if you want faster delivery, opt for Cash on Delivery!