Dead iPhone

We have been so used to restarting our cell phones that it did not occur to me that this could be a challenge in case of iPhone.

I used to restart my previous Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone pretty much every alternate day - either because the phone hung or it was slow, courtesy the various apps that run on it.    The non-smart Nokia phone that we have got is even easier to restart - and it does restart in a few seconds.   Very often we take out the battery and replace it to get the phone going.

So I reach home yesterday from work and find my iPhone dead.  Pressing the Home button or the Power key did nothing.  Could it be that it had no charge?   I doubted it, since I had put it to charge earlier in the day.

The first thing that came to us was, let us open the phone, take out the battery, put it back ad restart.  So, I opened the protective case of the iPhone to see a clean back and side, with no place anywhere to put my finger in and pull!   Looks like Apple didn't want me to open the phone!

I tried to remember when was the last time the phone was restarted since I bought a few months back - and realised it was only when it was updated - to the latest version of iOS.  That is amazing, I thought - but then I had this immediate problem to solve.

Google to the rescue.  iPhone dead - I typed and opened the first link that showed up.  It did not get into how to open the iPhone.  All it said was

a) connect iPhone to a power supply
b) press power and home button simultaneously
c) do b) till the apple logo shows up

And it worked!  Subsequently, I looked around for how to open an iPhone and realized it is not a kids play!