Income tax efiling

I have always filed my Income Tax returns on my own. Ever since Income Tax department introduced the facility for electronically filing returns, I have been doing the same.

This year was no different.  Having got my Form 16 as well as verified my 26AS, I decided to finish the efiling.  I had downloaded the "utility" excel provided by IT Department a few days back on my office PC.  I had done some edits using Excel 365 installed on it.

I decided to complete the edits and generate the XML on my home laptop.  I opened the excel to find the message

Security warning. Some active content has been disabled.

I clicked on the "Options" to "Enable" the content, only to find the following message:

Can't exit design mode because control 'CmdHelp' cannot be created

My laptop had Office 2007.  It took me a while to figure out how to disable security and enable macros on it.  I changed the settings to allow everything, but the message persisted.

None of the recommendations that came up, searching for the problem helped me.  

Was it a combination of Windows 8 and Office 2007?
Was it that the excel had been edited with a different Office version earlier?

Finally, I decided to download a fresh copy of the "utility" from the IT website.  Imagine my surprise when that worked with no errors!

A close inspection revealed that the utility was different from the one I had downloaded earlier.  It looked like there must have been a legitimate issue, which got fixed.

Filling the utility was straightforward, until I hit this weird error when "Validating"...

Portuguese civil code not applicable or present in sheet

What the hell?  Again, the internet was not very helpful.  But going through the utility line by line revealed an entry I had failed to fill...

Are you governed by Portuguese civil code under Section 5A?

A quick check of the utility in the previous year revealed this has been newly added.

There was one more gotcha.  For TDS deducted by Bank, there was a column Unique TDS Certificate No.  I dug up the paper copy sent by the Bank, and found a certificate number of 6 characters.

The instruction said,  "In case the unique TDS Certificate No is 6 digits, prefix 2 zeroes.  Also the unique TDS No should be 8 characters"

The second line was redundant, I thought.  But the first line was disturbing - 6 "digits" - the Bank sheets had all "letters'.  Luckily, this column was not mandatory.

Anyway, courtesy the above issues, it took me a couple of hours to file my returns this time.  I recall it was way easier last year!


  1. this year they have introduced new "online" filing of ITR-1 and 4S. This allows editing online and submitting. Now you may even easily file. Just look for "Quick File ITR" in Downloads section in homepage.


  2. as on 20.12.2014 if online submitted ITR1 is defective vide notice under section 139(9), we may require to correct the same with downloading 2014_ITR1_PR2_02.xls, updating it with correct data, genearating XML file and uplaoding. The following errors may happen

    Error with Income tax Utility (excel utility to generate xml file) 2014_ITR1_PR2_02.xls

    1) Macros to be enabled:
    Office Button>excel options>trust center>Trust center settings>Macro settings> select "Enable All Macros">OK

    2) Security Warning: Active X controls disabled been disabled>options>enable for this content

    3) Error:
    can't exit design mode because control 'cmdHelp' can not be created

    In Developer Tab > Check if Design Mode (just right of the Insert Button) is activated or not.. If design mode is activated / enable.. disable by clicking on it.. and then try again..

    4) Problem:
    developer Tab not showing

    Office Button>Excel options>popular>tick "show Developer Tab in ribbon">OK

    5) Error:
    run time error 57121 vba

    In Excel 2007 or later, click on the Office Button, (the top left round icon)
    Select Excel Options
    Select the Trust Center category and click Trust Center Settings
    Select the ActiveX Settings category
    Change the setting from Disable all controls without notification to one of the other options.


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