On the road with cows

These days I encounter a traffic jam of a different kind commuting from my home to office and back.  It is likely a combination of the route and the time that I commute - I find cows on the road.

They are in all shapes and colors - white, black, brown and shades in between - and in sizes - small and large.  They wander happily on the road, moving from one place to another- looking for food, taking a walk or generally doing nothing.  They munch upon what is available on the road - of which there is no shortage.

Often they are in groups, which means the road is pretty much blocked until they decide to split.  At other times, a calf tries to find its mother or vice-versa.  It is also not unusual to find some of them doing "it" or trying to, in the midst of all the commotion on the street.

What are cows doing in the City?  Shouldn't they be in some nice farm on the outskirts or in nearby villages? Evidently there are families earning their livelihood selling milk from these cows.  Perhaps, they would not get the same remuneration elsewhere.  

But surely the roads are not the place where they find food?  If they want to walk around, then sadly, Bangalore is not the right city for them.  Why?  pedestrians do not have place, how can the cows?

The front light of my two-wheeler had stopped working and I had a couple of narrow encounters with cows at close-range.  

This morning, I found a large number of policemen in the aforementioned road and heard that there is communal tension due to "gohathya" (cow slaughter).    There would no such incident if there were no cows. We relocate entire villages and slums in the name of development.  Why not relocate the cows to a safer place?


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