The flag waving

I had gone this morning to Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station to receive a relative.  I was well on time and was pleasantly surprised to find the ticket counter open, from where I could buy the platform ticket.

Of course, there was the unpleasant experience too - of a person who barged in from nowhere and  thrust a Rs.5/- in my hand to get another ticket.  This when there was hardly any queue for tickets. The ticket issuer flatly refused to give me the second one!

The train was late and I had the pleasure of watching a couple of passenger trains make their way through the Station.  Each time the train came in, out came a pot-bellied guy in khakhis, holding two flags - a red one and a green one.  He did not wave the flag, but instead waved his hands 5 times to the "Guard" of the train in the back - who did likewise.   As the train began to depart, he waved the green flag 5 times.

What amused me was this ritual in this modern age of electronic signals and sign-boards.  A bit of googling revealed this link from an "unofficial" railways site.  I do remember the ringing of the bells heralding the arrival of train.  I could no longer find that - I wonder why.  Or the whistle...


  1. Good observation. Just an elaboration.
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