The runaway maid

Our experience with maids to do our household work has been bad.  I keep telling my wife that it is because we set our expectations too high.   We expect them to do a thorough job of cleaning utensils and floors, and keep things spick and span.  We expect them to come on all days at times of our convenience, not take leave, not ask for pay hikes, not ask for salary advances..

When I look back, we pretty much end up having a new maid every six months.  Most of the parting are on amicable terms, where both sides feel it is for the best.  Either it is because the maid is unable to come at a time of our convenience, or because she takes too many leaves.  We have arrived at a compromise on quality of work as well as leaves - I keep telling that things are the same everywhere, including the elite software industry!

We never do a "loss of pay" irrespective of the number of leaves - unlike many others that we have heard of. Again, this is because we want to be considerate - after all, they do make a difference in our lives.

Being in an apartment, it is not difficult to find a maid, once you inform Security.  They, in turn, inform, ladies looking for work.

Anyway, we had this maid, working with us for a few months.  She was young, so we insisted that she show some age-proof.  She showed us her voter's id card.  Still we had a nagging feeling that she was under-aged.

Through conversations with her, we gathered that she had come from West Bengal and was staying with her sister.  Her sister, apparently, fell off with her family after she fell in love with a guy.

A few days back, she told us that she was planning to go to her "native place" and was not sure when she would return.  This was an indication that we should look for a replacement for her.  Subsequently, she said that she would be off for a month or so, but planned to come back.   "Hmm! do we engage someone temporarily?" we wondered.

We usually pay her on the 1st.  Unlike other maids, she never asked for salary advance.  So, we were surprised when she said she would like to be paid on 30th or earlier.

One of the things we liked about her was also, she used to call up and inform when she could not come to work.  We were quite ok with her taking leaves, so long as we knew upfront.

One day she did not turn up for work.  She did not inform us in advance.  We called her.  Though her phone rang, no one picked up either.   The next day, she turned up.  She said that her phone was behaving in a weird way and needed to be repaired.

The day after she got her pay, she did not turn up to work.  No response to phone call either.  She did not come in the next day either.  Since we had no way of reaching her, we wondered what should we do next.

Then a flatmate called up. "Hey, you must be knowing... your maid has run away with one of our apartment Security guard!"

Boy, was that news!  Looking back, I feel it was a well-planned operation.  The "native" visit, the weird phone, the salary advance - put them together and it is a candidate worthy of a TV serial.

We heard that her sister and husband turned up in the apartment, but considering one of the culprits was the security, that would have been a futile exercise.

We wish all the best.

We already are having problems with our next maid.


  1. We were wondering how to break this news to you guys :)


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