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Why are we insensitive

This question came up when I was having coffee with a friend, the other day.

Why are we so insensitive?

What do I mean by insensitive?

  • Jumping the signal
  • Honking for no reason
  • Riding without a helmet
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road, blocking oncoming traffic
  • Taking a right turn from the leftmost portion of the road or vice versa
  • Parking in no parking area

I can go on... the topic came up when my friend said he was stuck in a traffic jam that was caused when a train going to BEML was trying to cross the NGEF signal.

While the above items are only related to driving on the road, it is not difficult to find such incidents in all walks of our life.

Anyway, my friend had this theory that India was not like this. India had a culture of tolerance, sensitivity and high mutual respect.  So, what went wrong?  It was the British rule which changed this.

India has been invaded by various people for generations.  But most of them stayed on and became part of the country and the culture.  Britain was different.   Their objective was to take things back to their country. In the process they left behind crumbs, and left Indians to fight for them.

Now, this theory can be attributed to the generation which was affected by British rule, but what about the present?  A classic case of the monkey experiment.


  1. Raghu, The fundamental question you are asking is why men's actions are unethical. Let us dive in. A man sees/hears/absorbs, understands/processes based on his beliefs/instincts and then acts. If a man's/society's actions are incorrect, then the Q what is it in his beliefs and instincts are wrong.

    Remember actions are the end product of a man's existence. His beliefs and his instincts define him.

    If you want to know the root cause of a society's actions, it has be found in the ideas/beliefs/instincts of the people who make it.

  2. Since you are a programmer, let me elaborate above further.
    For a person
    Input = World.
    Code = Beliefs/instincts/ideas
    Output = Actions.
    Unrequired actions, the bug is in either the input or the code.


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