How I almost lost my iPhone

The short version.

I misplaced my iPhone in a grocery shop.  I realized it as I was driving.  I went back and the shopkeeper had kept the phone safely.  All is well.

The long version.

It was a rainly monsoon evening.  The start of the month meant some grocery shopping.  Parking my two wheeler close to Noble Super Market in Thippasandra, I wandered in with my backpack on my back.  The guy at the entrance kept my helmet but allowed the bag in when I mentioned the magical word - it had laptop.

I had a list and got the items one by one.  I made a call to clarify a couple of items, but could not reach my better half.  I made some assumptions (which turned out to be right) and went ahead.

Interestingly the shop was not too crowded and the billing did not take much time.  As I did not carry a bag, I had to pay for the "carry bag".  I need to remember to bring my own bag next time (as I do in case of Reliance Fresh).

A few customers were gathered around the payment section.  The credit card machine was not generating the slip.  The customer before me tried with a couple cards - in fact, he did the swiping himself.   Then it was my turn.  The swiping happened, the machine showed a few messages and stopped at "Receiving...".  I felt the vibration of my phone, indicating the SMS for the transaction.  The machine said "Time out" and no receipt came.  The shopkeeper swiped the card again, assuring me that there will only be one debit when the final "settlement" happened.  Though wary after the experience at Fair Choice, I  bravely yielded.   I could feel the SMS the second time.  I took out the phone to confirm that it was indeed from the credit card issuing Bank.

I was third time lucky and out came the transaction slip. I signed the same, took my groceries and went out.  It had drizzled when I was in the shop, and I had to wipe the scooter seat before I could sit.  I started my drive back home, taking the usual route of Jeevan Bhima Nagar,  the service road of Suranjan Das Road and through the HAL quarters - passing Ananth Gas Agencies, BSNL office, etc.  As I drove, I thought (no idea why) about how one of my office colleagues lost his phone to a pick-pocketer and how do you safeguard phones, in general.

It was after the second of the four road humps on the road through the HAL quarters that I felt an emptiness in my pant pocket and realised my phone was missing.  I did a quick check in my other pockets, but that was just for the heck of it, since I would never keep my phone elsewhere.  I did a U-turn and drove back the way I had come.

It was arguably a very frustrating drive. I got upset at each traffic delay.  I finally reached the shop and leaving my groceries outside, went to the cash counter.  I said, "I seem to have misplaced my phone".  "Which phone?" asked the person at the counter.  I told him.  Even before that I spied the phone in the ledge next to where he sat.  He handed the phone over to me and I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

The drive back was a pleasant one and I felt good about everything.  I wondered who was the Good Samaritan who took care of my phone - whether the guy at the cash counter or a customer who saw the phone and gave it to the guy in the counter...