Book Review: Heads You Win

Thalaiva and the ban

When I saw the news this morning "Thalaiva runs into controversy", my first thought was about one of the songs in the recent Hindi release of Shah Rukh Khan, Chennai Express.   I saw the song Lungi dance in one of the music channels the other day.  The song hero-worshipped Rajnikanth, calling him "Thalaivar" ( and then broke into the typical bump-and-grind routine.  The lyrics referred to lifting the lungi and dancing.. yet another instance of nonsensical lyrics.

Anyway, so I thought the song ran into controversy in Tamil Nadu and got banned.  But no, wait, that was not the case.  This was about the movie Thalaiva starring Vijay, a popular Tamil actor.  Apparently, many theatres had received bomb threats due to which the movie was released everywhere but in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.  The news report claimed that there was a political angle to it, with a particular line in the movie being against the current Government.

Coming on the heels of the ban on Vishwaroopam, it looks like a pre-requisite for movies to be released in Tamil Nadu is not a censor board certificate, but an approval from the Government (in some form).    Is the time far away, when a movie maker will submit an application to the Government and will be allowed to shoot a movie only with approval?  Boy, that will spin of a new line of business - agents to get approvals, bribes at various levels...