The weekend drive to Coimbatore

It was a long weekend on account of Independence Day and Varamahalakshmi.   The original plan was to rent an Innova and go to Coimbatore along with a friend and his family.  That plan did not materialize. I spent 45 minutes trying to get a tatkal ticket in vain.  Since we had committed to the trip and didn't want to disappoint our relatives, we decided to drive down.  We had done this multiple times, but always had some company to share the driving.

It was a 380km from home to home.   We decided to start early by 5 AM to avoid the weekend traffic.  It was close to 5.30 AM when we actually started.  Once we crossed Hosur, we could see a lot of road work happening - mostly flyovers in junctions.   In the process, we missed the A2B, which comes before Krishnagiri.  In any case, it was too early to stop, with our little one fast asleep.  It was close to Salem that we finally stopped - around 8.30 AM.  Past Salem, more signs of road work - it appeared that nothing had changed in 3 years since we last drove that way!    Again, thanks to it, we missed the turn to the Palghat toll road and ended up driving through the City to home.  We were home by 12.30 PM.

The same way, we started at 1 PM on our return and were in Bangalore by 8 PM with one break.

For about 300 km of the route, we could drive at 100kmph or more.  A lot of time is spent  in each toll gate. Depending on the crowd, it takes 2-10 minutes.

The entire journey is a good experience, but there are one or two unpleasant things that usually mar it.

In the toll gates, Bangalore drivers show their impatience and frustration by honking, overtaking from the left and so on.

The impatience extends to A2B as well - with people crowding around the billing counter trying to place their order first.

All the toll rates have gone up from the time that we drove last.  It now costs Rs.380/- one way an increase of Rs.72/-.  Also I expect two more tolls to come up to make it a Rs.500/- very soon.

(Oct 2010)
(Aug 2013)
Hosur Down Ramp20:35Rs.3519:46Rs.40


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