Bangalore roads after rains

I had no intention to write this, but the other day, I met up with a friend after a long time and he asked, "how come you are not writing about the state of the roads?"

My response was, "I thought I had written enough - about riding with cows, poster menace, comparing Bangalore roads with software, speed breakers and road rules (partially defined). There is nothing new I can add...".

Nevertheless, this is as good a way to vent my frustrations as any.

Pretty much all the roads in our neighbourhood were tarred ahead of the Assembly elections, as part of the last-ditch effort to woo the voters.  As it turned out, the sitting MLA was trounced.  In hindsight, that was the best thing to happen, considering the plight of the same roads today.

The roads, which looked swanky have all but disappeared giving place to potholes, pits and craters.  The reason is not far to see.  The tarring was so superficial that the first wave of rains exposed them for what they really were - a camourflage - a black wrapper around roads with poor foundation and filling.  As if that were not enough, the drain on one side of the Annasandra Palya Road were dug up - for relaying.   (The same is the case with Indira Nagar 13th Main Road off 100 ft road - relaying of the drain during the rainy season) The little bit of width that was left of the road shrunk with the debris of the work, besides the garbage dug up from the drain.  The bus service through the road was therefore ephemeral.

If this is the plight of the newly laid roads, how about the Old Airport Road.  If you dare to drive from, say Marathahalli to Domlur, you will experience a ride like never before.  It is evident that no VIPs frequent this road - otherwise, the situation would have been different.

Talking about bad roads, can Suranjan Das Road be far behind?  Much has been written in the press about this stretch of land - it no longer qualifies to be called a road - an earthquake could not have caused worse devastation.   The quiet HAL service road parallel to this road has now become a major bottleneck and traffic jam for me, en route office.  All types of vehicles are now taking this road to avoid the disaster awaiting them on the main road.  The barrier erected by HAL to restrict the service road to LTV vehicles is broken in no time by an errant vehicle.  The last I saw, HAL had given up re-erecting it.

If the powers-that-be are awaiting monsoon to be stop before any repairs, then it looks like that may not happen this year!   But then based on the past, the repairs will be just another eye-wash. 


  1. Where is the money for building roads?
    One has to maintain 250+ Rajya Sabha MPS, 1000+ MLCs, 20+ governors, foreign trips by various ministers and
    How many political particles/newspapers are talking about cutting government fat?0
    Head of Hindustan times/India Today/Pioneer are Rajya Sabha MPS.
    Every Rajya Sabha MP is a thief if the definition of thief is one who consumes significantly without making any contribution.
    This is India


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