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Tatasky and Star World Premier HD channel

A new TV channel Star World Premier HD has been advertising in Star channels the last few days. Today (24 Sep) is the launch date.

I switched on my TV and Tatasky HD set top box and tuned into the specified channel - only to be greeted with the message.  "Send an SMS to subscribe.  Rs.60/- per month".

Hmm!  I thought I had taken an annual Tatasky package "Mega South HD" which entitled me to any channels in Tatasky for a year (plus a few Showcase movies to boot).   I logged into their website to find that this new channel is now part of "Special Services" (along with another channel called Topper).   Not only that, the subscription plans have changed.  There isno longer an "HD fee" of Rs.100/- and so on.  In short, by doing some manipulations, Tatasky has successfully ensured that despite having chosen the highest subscription, I end up needing to "pay more".  I am not the only disgruntled guy here.

Now, I could argue that the day I subscribed to the annual "pack", the rules said that I would be eligible for all the channels that Tatasky added during the year.  On that basis, I have made a request to Tatasky, though I very much doubt if it is going to be considered.

As it is, unlike mobile portability, there is no way we can switch from one DTH provider to another.  Perhaps time for TRAI to wake up and do something.


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