Upgrading to ios7

It is that time of the year when apple launches a new phone models as well as new version of their OS.  (Interestingly no more iPad versions?  I don't recall seeing news items, if any)

So iOS 7 update came at 10.30 PM IST (I think - I didnot check after 9 PM) yesterday (Wed, 18th Sep).  As a person, who aspires to live in the bleeding edge of technology (and often bleed because of that), I itched to update my iPhone.  One decision by Apple, which allows them to sell their iPhone 4 even today in India (a colleague of mine picked one a couple of days back), is to allow OS upgrades even on that model. When we contrast it with the plethora of android phones, which are stuck in older versions because the decision to offer upgrade rests with the vendor and not Google, we realize this is one area where Apple scores.

Considering it is a 600 odd MB upgrade, the question was - to do the update in office or home.  In recent past, our office internet has been a bit of an issue (one of the many startup problems).   The problem is actually weird - we need to restart the router occasionally after the internet goes down mysteriously. (The router is inaccessible too - even over a wired connection).  The bandwidth at home is less which would mean slower download time.

I finally decided to do it around 4 PM at office, after realizing a lot of people may update in the night.  It took a while to download and even longer "Preparing to update".   Then the phone restarted and I was on iOS 7.

It was not too bad an experience considering my adventures with Samsung.