A few things that I learnt from Chennai Express

For the uninitiated, Chennai Express is a recent hit movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, directed by Rohit Shetty.  Having spent a torturous time over the last few nights watching the recorded movie, I have put together some "lessons learnt".

1. Girls from Chennai who are based in Mumbai talk in accented Tamil.  (This is similar to many Indians, who switch to a peculiar accent when talking to foreigners)
2. Chennai is pretty much a village (at least from what I could make out of the movie).   I am not surprised here. My Mumbai cousins used to tell their friends "hum gaav ja rahe hain" (we are going to our village), when they used to visit us in Cochin.
3. Ladies in Chennai wear only six or nine-yard sarees.
4. Chennai folks have a tradition where the newly married bridegroom carries the bridge to a temple situated on top of a hill ascended by 300 or so steps.
5. Chennai folks do not go by Mangalsutra to determine if a woman is married.  It is the "maang mein sindoor"
6. Chennai folks are excellent judge of people and allow runaway couples to stay in available empty houses, when a marriage is happening in their neighbourhood.
7. You can use Thalaiva's name and can get away with anything absurd like lungi dance.

I am sure if you were a victim like me, you can add on to this. Want more?  Read the 15 deadly dialogues.


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