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Notice for responding to Rectification Proposal

If you received an email with the same subject line as this blog post from Income Tax department, then like me, chances are that, you will be worried.

This extremely legal sounding request was backed by an encrypted attachment, which had equally legal sounding lines starting with "Notice under Section 154 of the Income Tax, 1961".

The Order passed under Sec 143(1) dated dd/mm/2013 in your case is required to be amended as there is a mistake apparent from the records within the meaning of section 154/155 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The rectification of the mistake, as per details given below will have the effect of enhancing the assessment/reducing the refund/increasing your liability.

In case you have any objections to the same, your written reply on the attached Response Sheet should reach this office within 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice. Response Sheet is attached to this notice.

Particulars of the mistake proposed to be rectified.


The date of communication in the attachment was 3rd October 2013 and I received the email on 18th October 2013 5.45 PM.

There was a template for response.  But it needed to be "written" and sent.  I could not reply to the email since it was a "No reply" id.

I went to the Income Tax website and logged in to see if I could get some clues.  I saw links to "Rectification Request" and "Rectification Status" indicating these are "features" that are there - just that I am unaware.

Clicking on these did not elicit anything interesting.

I googled for this and found some disturbing results (some legal cases).  I found this link, which told me to "ask for rectification order".

On Saturday, I called the toll free number for the CPC.  After choosing suitable options in the IVR menu, I was politely told by the tool that I could call between 8 AM to 8 PM Mon-Fri for anything "non-automated".

So this morning (Mon, 21 Oct), I called again and talked to a lady.  She sounded very mechanical as she said that I needed to reply within 15 days and I had missed the timeline.  I told her that I received the intimation on the 15th day - so where was the "15 day notice".

Luckily she seemed to have access to my data, which indicated that I had nil returns. I asked her to reconfirm that I did not need to pay anything and she replied in the affirmative.  I asked her why was I sent this note and she replied (not that I understood clearly) that it could be a glitch.

Glitch my foot!  you don't send such things by mistake.  I wonder if I am the only one or are there other victims of this.

Update: 1 Nov 2013

About a week back, I got a post from IT department which had Intimation Under Section 143(1).  It had a "demand notice" to pay outstanding tax, as per their computation.  This is the very same "order" for which the "Rectification Request" had been sent by email.  Hard copy of the erroneous order and then an email for the Rectification.  The website does not have the latest/correct status.  Evidently, there is some serious goof-up.

From the discrepancy in the "order", it looks like IT department had not considered those TDS payments made for the financial year 2012-2013, whose date of booking were after 31 March 2013.  I had three such entries, where the TDS was for 2012-2013, but the date of bookings were 22 May 2013.  I am waiting and watching - the Call Centre folks are either ignorant or playing smart.

Update: 8 Nov 2013

I received an email from IT department with the "rectification order" this morning.  Essentially, this matches my e-filing with what was computed by the IT department. So no demand no refund.

No apologies.  No personal note - nothing - for the mental harassment that many (if not me) would have suffered due to the goof-up.  Since this is most likely only for salaried employees, this has not probably come to the notice of the "media".  


  1. Hi Raghuram,
    I have also received the same email (Notice for responding to Rectification Proposal) couple of days back. Could you pls tell me whether can I ignore this email or is it really really required to call up the CPC people for clarification? Your advice would really help me a lot!!

  2. I too received the same notice and since day starts, I was wondering what went wrong. Even I checked the status on CPC website but didn't found any details. If this is really glitch, CPC should understand the impact of such email.



  3. Same here. A few days back, I received a mail from CPC where I was told that I needed to pay a significantly large amount. I checked and found that some of my TDS was not taken into account. I then filed a rectification request (from their website) and after a few days I received a snail mail where I was told that "Your E-Filed Rectification Application cannot be processed" and the reason given was: SUO MOTO RECTIFICATION AT CPC IS UNDER PROCESS FOR THE SAME PAN AND ASSESSMENT YEAR

    Then after a few days from that (today) I received another snail mail with the subject and content you mentioned in your blog.

    My understanding of the above is that the bosses out there in the CPC botched up the data and now they have rectified it. Their website does not show the updated status.

  4. I received an email on Oct 31st with the subject "Notice for responding to Rectification Proposal". It mentioned about "Rectification proposal" and that if I do not agree to it then I should contact them in 15 days. I was searching about the meaning of this notice for last few days and today I received another email which shows my IT calculation and that done by IT department which matches penny to penny. It also mentions "ITR-1 Rectified". So I believe now I do not need to send anything to them because their and my calculation matches and also they had mentioned that I should reply if I do not agree to the rectification. At first it was like I have got into some legal tangle but after reading this blog I am feeling better!!! Thanks for sharing the information here.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I also got the same letter today and am in panic state!!! Please tell me what I should do. Can you share the contact no. of CPC?

    1. Hi, This should be there in your letter. In any case, it is
      Telephone: 18004252229 (Toll Free) or 080-22546500


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