Upgrading to Windows 8.1

It was by accident that I checked the internet to see if Windows 8.1 was ready yet and saw that it is "now" ready for download (6 PM on 17th Oct).   The interesting thing was, the "update" was available on Windows Store.  Seeing that the download size was 3.62 GB, I decided to skip it on my office laptop.

However, I could not resist the temptation to do it in our home laptop (the bleeding edge of technology, you see)!  I could not find the "update" in the "Store" of my laptop!  I tried clicking on the link from the Microsoft site to see if that helped - but Windows 8.1 update didn't show up.

Then the most typical thing that one would do in such cases stuck me - restart.  As I clicked on the "Power" icon - I saw "update and restart" - implying a bunch of Windows update was pending installation.

The system took its time to restart after applying the update (the five dots going around in circles can make you mad if you keep watching it for a long time).  Once it was back up, I could see that Windows 8.1 download was ready for me.

It was 10.30 PM and I started the download putting the laptop on power and went to sleep.

Kudos to Hathway broadband, I could see the "End User License agreement" screen when I looked at the monitor in the morning.  Clicking Yes and then specifying the Wireless network was all that it took for the laptop to be running on Windows 8.1.  Perhaps it had rebooted previously - I have no idea, but the whole upgrade was quite seamless.

The Start button was back as publicized, but that just took the user to the Start page - not the menu of programs if that was what one was expecting.  The "Search everywhere" looked interesting, but I haven't figured out when that would be useful for me.  But really, was that all for all the size of the download!

I found Avast Anti-virus missing (or at least not running) - need to figure out if the upgrade knocked it off.

I now need to do the same act on my office laptop.  For 3.62 GB, I feel, a download option outside Windows Store would have been very useful - at least in India.

And I just realized I had not run Internet Explorer 11!