When parking cost more than the movie ticket

It all started when I got an SMS from the Bank which has issued my credit card.   The SMS had two Winpin coupons each work Rs.250/- for movie tickets from bookmyshow.   I had done a high value transaction for my company and there was some promotion, which resulted in this.

The coupons had an expiry (one month from SMS date), so I thought why not use it for a movie this weekend.  After some deliberations , we chose Raja Rani, a Tamil movie which had released that Friday.

So I logged into bookmyshow. My first theatre preference would have been the Cinemax in Total Mall, Outer Ring Road, but their show timings did not suit me.  The next one was Phoenix Market City, which had a 2.45 PM show.  I found that they had a booking category whose price was Rs.240/- -  That works for me, I thought.

I chose 2 seats (they were "filling fast") - and then found that they had added about Rs.20 odd rupees towards internet charges and so on per ticket - so the total cost came down to Rs.536.18/- for 2 tickets.  There were multiple payment options. It took some time for me to figure out that I had to check  Redeem to Discount Coupons & Aval Offers.

I carefully entered the first coupon code and submitted.  I showed it had "applied" a discount of Rs.240/- (hmm!  Rs.10/- commission for bookmyticket or what?).   Now where was I to enter the second coupon amount?   Looks like this use case has not been factored in.  I decided to abort the transaction and try again.

This time I decided to book one ticket at a time.  This becomes tricky because you want to make sure that you can still get adjacent seats when you book the second one.  So I chose a "middle" seat - hoping people won't book either side of me by the time I got through with my booking.

I entered the code again and got a message "Your Winpin code is either invalid or is used in a transaction which has not been cancelled yet.  Try after 20 minutes" - or some such.

Essentially, after a 20 minute wait, I tried again.  The code worked and I had to now pay Rs.28.09 as "balance".  I chose the credit card option and entered the card details, only to find a message "Cookies are disabled on your browser" - absurd since I had done no such thing.  But more importantly, 20 minutes lost before I can try again.

I was third time lucky and got the code and the card working. I had chosen "E14" seat and was glad to find "E15" free when I booked the next one.

I sent a feedback to bookmyshow - let us see if they incorporate the multiple pin entry use case!

Getting into Phoenix Market City on a Saturday afternoon is a real pain.  Boy, the number of vehicles that enter is mindboggling and as I suspected, the parking lot was full. After driving around, guided by parking assistants, we finally ended up reversing and parking up a ramp in some godforsaken corner of the parking lot.  Once we came out, we had no clues where we were and we entered the Mall through some emergency exit.   The Mall levels are also crazy - Lower Ground, Ground and such - designed to confuse.

Now, locating the cinema was the next challenge.  I knew it was in another building, but figuring out the direction and taking the correct exit from the correct level was a different thing.  It was 2.45 PM when we spotted the building and got in.  Printing the ticket using the confirmation code in the SMS was a breeze as was getting into the threatre and finding the place.  Luckily, PVR was trying to make some extra cash showing ads and we were in before the movie started.

If we hoped that our little one would take a nap, that was dashed in no time.  He kept squirming and trying to go here and there.  He dropped his footwear and cried.  The new "torch" feature of iOS 7 came of help trying to locate it!

As for the movie, "Raja Rani" alternates between an enjoyable comedy and an emotion tearjerker.  You can read all about it in the various movie review sites.  As my wife pointed out, one interesting aspect of the movie was the complete lack of obscenity - either in the form of item numbers or the dresses of the characters.  One should complement debutant director Atlee for this.   Otherwise, the movie drags towards the end.

The toughest part was now finding out where our car was parked.  This took some figuring out, but we managed to reach it.   I had a Rs.50/- out.  Imagine my shock when the attendant announced "90 rupees".  That's when the irony stuck me - I had paid more for parking than the movie.  And the other irony, a costlier item isn't necessarily more enjoyable!


  1. How about the popcorn in the theatre? That would cost Rs 80 each. - Yogesh


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