A visit to Cubbon Park

It was Mon, 4 Nov - a holiday on account of Bali Padyami.  We decided to go to Cubbon Park. Our little one keeps talking about "going to park" and we thought why not indulge him.  I don't remember when I last visited Cubbon Park - it must have been a dozen years back (or more).

I had done some googling the previous day to check what I can expect there.  For one, I could not find an official page - the closest was this. I wanted to check if it was a holiday - this site seemed to indicate it was not.

To make our trip interesting, we decided to take Namma Metro.  Parking the car near CMH Road Metro Station, we got tickets for the M G Road Station.  The signboards said we needed to take tickets for those who were 3 feet or more.  Thus our little one came free - but the Security stopped us and asked for the "Baby pass".  This, as it turned out, was a much-worn-out card which indicated a "Free Baby Pass" which needed to be carried during the ride and given to the Security at the exit.   I could find neither of the information (3 feet rule and baby pass) in the Bangalore Metro website.

We got off at M G Road Station (the approach to the Gangarams side is not yet complete more than a year after it has been in service) and took an auto ride - for all of 0.8 km to the entrance of the Park from M.G. Road (Opposite Jewel De Paragon).  A road bisected the Park.  On the left, we could see Aquarium, Children Play Area and other attractions.  On the right, we first saw the statue of Queen Victoria.

There was a ticket counter on the left-side and that is when we saw the board - Closed on Mondays and second Tuesday of the month.   The ticket is for the "protected" side of the Park, which has the aquarium, rides and stuff.  So the "swing-slide" hopes of our little one were dashed.  The walk down the footpath of the road (which did not have much traffic thanks to the holiday) was good as we saw the different regions of the Park.  We soon reached an intersection with two sides leading to two red brick structures - one being the Central Library and the other the High Court.

We went inside the "free" Park (on the right side), went up the band stand, took photos next to the statues of lions which guarded the Court and walked through the "jogging trail".

Thereafter, it was a large expanse of greenery - grass, trees, including the wonderful bamboo trees, which made a ghost-like sound in the wind, a small stone hillock which made for a nice climb... all-in-all, a nice experience - much different from the walk in the Malls that we frequent.  I was reminded of Muir Woods in San Francisco which I visited during my last trip abroad and realized what was amazing - Cubbon Park was right in the middle of the City unlike Muir Woods.

There were many visitors - couples seeking secluded place, tourists, families with children...

I need to go back to the Park again - to see the "protected" area and what it holds!

The one disappointment of the trip was finding Queens Restaurant in Church Street closed - not sure - for good or only for the day!


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