King, queen and God

On one hand, we have the God of cricket playing his 200th and last test match in his Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai, his home ground.  On the other, we have the World Chess Championship matches between Anand and Carlsen in Chennai, the home town of Anand.

It was exciting to watch Sachin bat in (most likely) his last innings.  If he did not make a century, then he alone was at fault, since it didn't look like West Indies were in a position to get him out.

Now, the chess matches are a different story.  There is no fun watching the live telecast.  For one, it is Doordarshan and trust them to screw up by showing a half-chess board for most of the first match.

And then the commentary.  The commentators keep moving the pieces so that you do not know what is the current position.

I also can't understand why should the photo of the Chief Minister be in the background of the players' seat.
The chess matches are best watched in internet since all you are interested in is the board position (and not how often Anand has coffee or Carlsen takes a rest room break).  The post-match interview is another thing though.

I follow the matches in Chessbomb though the Chat contents can sometimes be obnoxious.  There is the chessboard, the moves made so far and the Houdini analysis.