Skyfall - Bollywoodisation of Bond?

I got around to watching Skyfall, the "latest" Bond movie (that was released a year back - in November 2012), courtesy it being shown in Sony Pix channel.

7.8 in IMDB.  Seriously?  For that movie?  What did people find so good about the movie?  The reasons I enjoyed Bond movies were the eccentric villains who plotted global supremacy or destruction, countries pitted against each other, cold war or otherwise, pretty girls who turned villains and so on, breathtaking technologies, far ahead of their times.

But what about Skyfall?  A villain disgruntled with M, because she turned him over in exchange for a few other agents. Ok, and then?  He bombs MI6, gets caught in an island somewhere off Macaw, is imprisoned in MI6 headquarters and then escapes thanks to his computer/hacking wizardry, which betters Q's!   He attacks British Parliament(?) (where M is deposing), then chases M all the way to Skyfall, Bond's ancestral property.  When this happens, the entire might of British Secret Service detaches themselves from the business.  Then the face-off, making me recollect "Home Alone" (yep, really!).   The prolonged battle between Bond and the villain and the final confrontation in the Church - the "twist" (as if it mattered).

Hey, this is no different from many Hindi movies.  Replace "M" with "mother" and pretty much other things fall in place.  Yeah, no songs, no comedy tracks (unless you include the dialog between Q and Bond).

Daniel Craig looks jaded for part of the movie (maybe he was playing the "character").  The best part of the movie, I thought was the one before the opening credits.