Watching Dhoom 3 in Kochi

It was a dark winter evening.  In Kochi, winter is about 22 degrees in the night, if not warmer. It has been ages since I went for a nigh show movie in my hometown. I decided to check out the latest Bollywood superhit movie Dhoom 3.

Shenoys was my theatre of choice for many reasons.

  • One of the oldest theatres in Kochi, with a vistarma projection.  
  • Walking distance from my home (about 1.5km). 

I caught a Volvo bus from the bus stop near my home at 8.40 PM (I know - an indulgence).  Ideally it would have been a 5 minute ride to the theatre, but traffic jam due to Metro work on M.G.Road meant I had to alight, a few metres before the theatre.  Hey, did I mention a third reason for the choice of theatre - the cost?  A Balcony ticket cost me Rs.70/- - I would have paid that much for parking in Phoenix Market City.

The movie started on time, at 9 PM.

It is 1990. We see the Great Indian Circus in Chicago going through a financial crunch.  The lenders are unwilling to bail them out. So the proprietor takes matters in his own hands and takes the easy way out - his life, leaving behind his shell-shocked (literally) child.

Cut back to the present. Western Bank of Chicago is hit by two back to back robberies.  A few words are scrawled in Hindi, along with a joker mask.  Chicago Police Department requests the service of Jai and Ali, the competent cops from Mumbai Police.

Jai taunts the robber through media to incite him to rob again, so that he may catch him.  An Indian informant comes forward to help Jai, saying he believes the robber may be Chup Chap Charlie, his friend, who is always in mask.

On April 1st, the Bank is robbed again. Jai and Ali are on the trail of the robber this time and Jai manages to take a shot at the robber.

Jai goes to arrest the informer, believing only he could have done it, but is surprised to find no bullet marks on him.

How Jai figures out the truth behind the missing bullet and why this particular Bank has been targeted forms the rest of the story.

Amir Khan as the robber and Abhishek as Jai engage in a high-speed cat and mouse game in Chicago on high-tech motor bikes.  Uday Chopra as Ali adds the comedy element.  

Abhishek looks taller and smarter in scenes where he and Amir feature together - perhaps the makers could have tried with a younger hero like Ranbhir Kapoor.  In many scenes, I was reminded of Ghajini, which I dare say is a better movie (in no small measure due to it being a tamil remake).  Also, the bike scenes reminded me of The Fast and the Furious series (the two wheeler version).

Now you may wonder where Katrina Kaif fits in.  Even the most accomplished robber has an achilles heel and Katrina is that weakness in this movie.  Let us see what else we learn from this movie.

In 1990, it is ok to have underaged children doing acrobatic stunts in Chicago. However, the laws for animal protection are very strict and hence you won't find a single non-human in the circus.

Oh, and also, the circus is housed in a large complex.  It is not a moving thing.  And oh, they also do magic show as part of the act.

It is a good practice to throw money from the top of the building after a Bank robbery. You take what can fit into your bag and throw the remaining.

Chicago cops can recognize Hindi script - perhaps that is their second language in school.  But they are not smart enough to connect the joker mask to circus.

Jai and Ali are household names in Chicago Police Department and hence the natural choice to solve the Bank robbery.  And the robber has to be an Indian (right?), since he wrote in Hindi.

Robbers watch interviews of cops on the case when working out at home.

It is a good idea to let your informer know the intricate security details of your Bank - after all he has selflessly come forward to help you.

Spiderman leaves behind the web that he uses to move around.  Our Bank robber leaves expensive iron (or steel?) cables.  He is an acrobat, you see...

It is faster to walk sideways on the wall while coming down from a tall building when compared to a gravity-induced free fall.  Again, must be an acrobat thing.

Hey, transformers exist in reel life.  Bikes do change to boats and then back to bikes.  When required, two bikes join to provide a faster thrust.

Robbers who escape driving away in the night are usually found on top of a dam, driving, the next morning.

Four robberies can bust a Bank.  You see, the only person to whom they lent the money was the Great Indian Circus.  The rest were in the four branches.

In Hindi movies, doing three songs and mouthing three dialogues make you the leading heroine.

Read a few more lessons here.

Perhaps, it is thanks to such takeaways that the movie has broken several box office records.   Indeed, my fellow viewers in the theatre were roaring with laughter at many of the dramatic scenes, of which there were no shortage.