Book Review: Heads You Win

What Singham 2 teaches us

When you see the same movie thrice (once in theatre and twice in TV), you are likely to perceive a lot more than what the film offers

That is what happened with me on Singham 2.  So, without further ado, here are the learnings...

a) You need to shout to be heard.  It pays to be loud. The language doesn't matter - you can shout in English if your listener can't understand tamil.

b) Keralites are skilled tree-climbers.  If you knock down their vehicles, they can easily hang-on to available pole.

c) Getting a South African visa for a Tamil Nadu police man is a piece of cake.  Possibly, you don't even need a visa.

d) When applying for your passport, it is good to give your occupation like "International Drug Dealer"

e) Bright female students from affluent families steal question papers from school, for the heck of it.

f) Wearing helmet or not speaking on cellphone through bluetooth headset while driving is not applicable to DSP or such ranks of policemen

g) Thou shall not shoot the villains, though you are given carte blanche (Operation D) to shoot anyone.

h) When you learn of a conspiracy to attack your home and family, you need to damage your gun and fight with bare hands.  (It is ok to borrow the weapons of your attackers)

i) When a car run over the villain, the villain dies.  When a car run over the hero, the hero is "on top" (with a gun pointed at the villain's head).

j) In Durban, unlocked speed boats are always available at the disposal of hurrying Indian cops.

And last but not the least, the Singham dance is also a way to teach the kids, the days of the week and the various seasons.   See it to believe it.

And I didn't realize, but this write-up seems to convey another disturbing insight.