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Good guys finish last

My first post in 2014 and not a nice one, I'm afraid.

I needed to take a Demand Draft (DD). Axis Bank, Indira Nagar Branch is a minute's walk from my office.  I have my salary acount in the Bank as well.  We have our Company's corporate account in the Bank as well (Both the salary and corporate accounts are in a different branch - Kasthuri Nagar - if that matters).   So it was the logical choice to go to. I could have asked our office admin to get the DD, but since it was for a personal purpose, I felt I had to do it myself.

I took a token at 12.36 PM (DF197).  There are 14 or so counters - for various purposes from NEFT/RTGS to Gold Loan to DD/FD/PO and so on.  I could see the Operations Head and other people seated as well.

There were many customers - most of them patronizing either the automatic cash deposit machine or one of the three Tellers.

The lady manning the DD counter was busy - people were flocking around her (the way the typical Indian office works). I looked…