As the train arrives

My parents were arriving by a train which reached K R Puram around 3.45 AM.   I had kept the alarm for 3.15 AM, but was up earlier.

The car ride to K R Puram (a 5 km distance via Kaggadasspura Level Crossing) took 15 minutes.  I was surprised to see a car entering the Parking area of the station - I thought people would park on the road, it being early in the morning.  That driver inspired me to park my car inside as well.  Of course, the road around the Station was filled with autos, with drivers hanging around to blackmail arriving passengers.

Chennai-Mysore Express pulled up to Platform 4 - a newly renovated platform that adjoins the "back entrance" of K R Puram.  Back entrance is a misnomer since that is the frequented entrance to the Station.  I have never seen a train stop at Platform 1 and have never had a reason to go to that platform.  Perhaps it is there for legacy reasons.

The Reservation Center was closed and there was no open counter for platform ticket.  I looked around trying to see what others did.  Most of them did not bother.  Couple of them asked the auto guys, who directed them to Platform 1.  Imagine having a counter opened in a platform where no trains come, for platform ticket!  I strongly suspect no counter was opened and the auto guys wanted to be polite and not give a wrong message.

Another person asked the tea shop which was doing roaring business - auto guys, passengers alighting from train as well as those waiting for the next one - enjoying the hot tea.    Of course, he does not sell platform tickets!  (I have written about this earlier) The weather was pleasant, way too hot for a winter night (one could argue winter is almost gone).

I was surprised to hear an announcement for my parents' train - I did not expect that!   The other pleasant surprise was the train coming to Platform 4, since this meant, people did not need to climb up the foot overbridge to cross.  Of late, all arriving trains, I believe are stopping in Platform 4 instead of 3 - a good deed by Railways.

The train pulled up in a few minutes.  I took the longer route (via Outer Ring Road) back home, since the time taken is the same as the other route.  (The distance is offset by better road)

Anyway, the takeaways for me were:

a) generally people are law-abiding.  They like to obey rules.  They seek out means to do that as well - like asking where the platform tickets are, or actually parking in the parking lot.
b) the system discourages them:  Not having a ticket vending machine or an open ticket counter.  The parking attendant collecting money without giving a receipt.
c) auto guys are a pain


  1. Now a days, I have noticed that not many people care to take platform ticket. That's really bad.. Like you said, one reason is that there is no proper provision for it... I had blogged about it once...


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