Signature mismatch and fingerprint

The Bank Account Opening form of a colleague of mine was rejected three times.  All the three times for the same reason - signature mismatch.  The application form needed signatures in three or four places and my colleague could not get the signatures to match!  (And before you get any wrong thoughts - he was sober) He has submitted his application the fourth time. Let us see how that goes!

But the whole exercise made me think.

Now that many of us have aadhaar cards and the Government has a lot of our biometric information available, is it not time to integrate these into the Banking system?

Take Bank accounts, for instance.  Given an aadhaar card number and say, a fingerprint or two, Banks should be able to pull out relevant information and use it in account opening or any other place where verification is required. (It is a different story that just linking aadhaar to a Bank account involves some effort today)

Previously fingerprints (or thumb impressions) were considered a sign of illiteracy.  I say now that it is a fashion statement.  iPhone 5s supports fingerprint detection (Apple Touch ID)

Why don't we start giving fingerprints in our cheques and put the aadhaar database to good use to do validation of the user?

In fact, ATM counters should introduce fingerprint scanning in place of PIN numbers so that a thief cannot use a stolen card, even if he knows the PIN code.

Credit card machines should take fingerprints, a simple means to validate the user to the card the user possesses.

And hey, what if a finger is broken or missing?  We have given all ten fingerprints as part of aadhaar data.

And I am not getting into retina scanning, which is another possibility.

On a related note, with the Government turnaround on LPG subsidy, aadhaar will need to find other uses or will soon end up as yet another "id card".


  1. You are very right. There are multiple identity documents and indicators, with none of them talking to one another. They all should be integrated on to one database. It will be easier for officials and for citizens alike.

  2. With the recent experience of fingerprints mismatch of legit folks, I don't think we are at a stage where we can reliably use biometrics for authentication. Even the Iris scan is failing. Thousands (perhaps much more) of senior citizens are having issues with Fingerprints mismatch and these are the ones who are in dire need of pensions and other benefits. These technologies look cool in a sci-fi movie and I so wish they were that good in reality, in our system. Until we get there, I would not condone this idea.


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