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The Amazon experience

I wanted to get a tablet for my parents.  I had been eyeing Lenovo Idea Tab A3000 for a while since it had good specs and good reviews.

What part of the specs were relevant to me?
a) 3G / data support without external device:  my parents did not have wi-fi and I did not want another device to be connected for this.
b) Processor - quad core processor - decent speed
c) Memory - 16GB memory (about 13GB available) - good to store a lot of pictures and songs
d) Price - < Rs.15k

I monitored the prices in the internet for a while and could see it vary daily in different ecommerce sites, but never dropping below Rs.13k.   But one day, I saw it at Rs.12,999/- in  I had never shopped in amazon before (preferring FlipKart and eBay), and thought this was a good opportunity to try it out.

Amazon already had my profile (since I had registered previously in  To my surprise, they had my credit card details (I had specified this as part of EC2 registration).

I placed the order on the evening of Fri, 14 Feb and was told it would be delivered by Tue, 18 Feb.  But to my surprise, a courier came on Sun, 16 Feb with the package - the delivery time had exceeded my expectation!

Next?  Set up a digital presence for my parents!


  1. No bad... Intense competition... When they deliver before the promised date, you are really happy. It's better than promising you an unrealistic date and then delaying the delivery.


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