The Mystery of the Broken Tailgate Glass

It was a Saturday morning.  Our door bell rang. It was the person who dusted/cleaned the car in our apartment.

"The tailgate glass of your car is broken", said he.

We went to our Parking and there it was - the glass was broken.  Some of the broken pieces were on the ground, some inside the car.  Some were still left in the frame.

Our car is parked adjacent to a tall compound wall. The height of the wall would have made it difficult for even a large stone to hit and make an impact on the glass.  There were no stone or sharp pieces either inside the glass or nearabouts.  The glass had not broken so much that a person could have gone inside and removed the incriminating evidence, if any.

We called the Office Manager of the Apartment, who in turn, called the Security.

He said, "The guy who does the ironing, heard a sound as he was leaving.  It was the sound of breaking glass. I called your home"

Indeed, someone had called around 11.30 PM or so in the intercom. It was not clear what he was trying to say, and we had left it as a wrong number.  Our home is right above the parking lot and we had not heard the sound.  The Office Manager admonished the Security for not coming to my home and reporting the issue in person.  Not that it would have mattered.

We called the President of the Residents' Association, who also felt it could not have been a stone thrown from outside.

There was a theory that there must have been a crack in the glass, which led to its breaking.  Now, when the glass cracked and why is a mystery, which is unresolved to date.  So much for watching Sherlock or reading Agatha Christie.

In any case, we called up Tata Motors to see how to get it replaced.  We also wanted to check the feasibility of availing of insurance.

On visiting the Service Center, we realized that car insurances are no better than medical insurances, when it comes to matters relevant to you.

The cost of the glass was about Rs.1500/-, the replacement cost and other charges around Rs.2400/-  The insurance would pay for only the glass. If I did avail the insurance, I would lose the "no claim bonus", which would essentially double my insurance next year. That would be more than the cost of the glass!

Perhaps it is a message from above - to change my car (which is quite old).


  1. New car in offing! I am exited and keeping my fingers crossed:-)

  2. :) Interesting. Raghu your blog has shaped up quite well Nice mix of posts


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