Watching Gravity in 3D

I got another set of BookMyShow vouchers courtesy my credit card issuing Bank.  After a brief discussion with friends, I decided that this time we would watch Gravity in 3D.  You must remember that watching a movie with a 2.5 year old boy is no child's play!

BookMyShow booking sucked.  They had not incorporated my previous feedback of allowing multiple Winpin coupons to be specified for a single booking.  This meant, I had to book two tickets separately praying while booking the first one that one of the adjacent seats remained free for me to book the second.   Though the ticket cost is Rs.228/- or so (including the Rs.28/- for internet, convenience and stuff) and my coupon was Rs.250/-, I still needed to pay Rs.28/- by card since it looks like the coupon only covers ticket cost and not the other charges.   This meant, I had Rs.50/- left over of the two coupons, but I see no way of using it, especially since I can't combine them for a Rs.100/- ticket (if there is such a ticket).  

Also, after I bought the ticket, I was a bit unsure about the glasses and if they would be issued to our little one.  I decided to solve that mystery when I encountered it.

We arrived at Gopalan Signature Mall on Old Madrs Road, 10 minutes ahead of the show, only to find that the movies were not in that Mall, but in the adjacent Gopalan Grand Mall.  As it turned out, it was a good thing, since there is limited parking in the "Grand Mall".  

There was Rs.100/- "deposit" for each glass and the guy giving it out didn't care that I had two tickets but asked for 3.  They had a "child" glass (a smaller one), which is useful since the bigger one would have slipped off smaller faces.

We were in the sofa seat (which is just the one last row in that theatre),  and it was pretty good.  We were not in the aisle and that was even better since the little one wouldn't have the chance to wander around (as he did in the previous movies).

A couple of 3D trailers (Lego - the Movie and Hobbit 2), warmed us up for the spectacle ahead.  When the lights were switched off, our boy got a little worried.  Fortunately he warmed up to the situation and began to ask questions (as he does for everything these days).

What about the movie?  The plot is very simple.  A couple of astronauts (George Clooney and Sandra Bullock) from Explorer spacecraft are on a space walk, repairing the Hubble telescope, when they are alerted of debris from a Russian satellite.  The debris destroy the spacecraft and they are stranded in space. Do they manage to survive?  If so, how?  The entire movie is about this.  

It is an amazingly shot movie. If  "The Life of Pi" was a survival movie about a guy and a tiger in the Pacific Ocean, this one is an ever better survival move in space.   No wonder it has been nominated for 10 oscars.

Our kid slept through part of the movie, but was up for the ending.  


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