Book Review: Heads You Win

Elections, Rio 2 and voting discount

Election Day (Thu, 17 Apr 2014) was a holiday.  What better way to spend post-voting time than a movie?  Our little one had seen the English animation movie Rio (in bits and pieces) a few times.  We thought why not go for Rio 2, which he will enjoy as well.

Tickets were available in Gopalan Mall (my new favorite movie destination - closer home and reasonable ticket price) for 3 PM show.  It was good that we reached the theatre 15 minutes early since there was a queue to convert the bookmyshow tpin/code to ticket.  A lot of kids were present (it being vacation time).

Rio 2 continues from where Rio ended.  Blue and Jewel are married (if one can say that about birds) and have 3 kids.  Linda and Tulio discover the presence of blue bird in Amazon where they are on expedition.  Seeing this in TV, the Rio-based blue bird family decide to visit Amazon, along with their friends (except the dog).

Nigel (the bad white bird) is alive, but unable to fly.  He and his friend, the poison frog spot the blue birds and follow them with the intention to take revenge.  Jewel meets up with her family and friends and Blue is the odd-man out.

A group of people are engaged in illegal tree-felling and the paths of all of them criss-cross.  How Amazon is saved from them by Blue and the blue birds forms the rest of the story.

Rio was original and had quite a few delightful scenes.  In contrast, the plot of Rio 2 seems contrived and lacks the excitement of the first movie.  However, the visual effects are stunning and the movie can be seen only for that.

One learning for me was that the attention-span of a 3 year old is only 30 minutes - however exciting the movie is or however relevant it is to him/her.   The best line was when he exclaimed during the interval - "ah, the movie is over - let us go".

Another interesting event was when we dropped in at the More Supermarket in the Mall after the movie.  The billing assistant asked, "Have you voted?"

I showed him my left thumb (yes, in Bangalore it is that finger).

"You get a 2% discount on the bill"

"Wow! now that is something".  I could not help appreciate Aditya Birla group for this initiative.

It got me thinking - would such incentives (or discrimination/ostracism) will help increase the poor voting percentage in Bangalore?