The Generation Gap

Here is the transcript of an actual conversation that happened yesterday.

Phone call:

"We will come in Skpe after dinner"


I see them Online (Green color and all).  I click on "Video call".  I hear the rings - multiple times - till the message "No answer" comes up.

I repeat this after a minute with the same result.

I now call.

Phone call:

"I called you in Skype - you did not respond?"

"Skype is open. But we don't see your photo"

"Hmm!  what do you see"

"We just see Skype"

"What else?"

"We don't see your photo.  Nothing is coming.  H symbol is coming on the tab - so internet is on"

"Do you see Sign in"


"Can you click on Skype Name"

I hear something happening.

"Can you see two boxes in white - Skype Name and Password"?

After a few minutes

"Yes, but nothing is happening"

"Ok, can you enter the username "

I hear something.

"It is not working"

"What is not working?  Are you able to enter the username?"

Some more sound - exchanges of words - "You are not doing right", "Ok, then you do it", "I don't know"

After some time

"Last time we did not do any of these."

"You must have logged out of Skype."

"We did not do anything"

I have no idea.  Perhaps there was an update. Perhaps one of their relatives/friends logged them out of Skype.  Anyway...

"Please enter the skype name"

After a few minutes...

"Ok, we have entered the username"

"Now, enter the password - I tell them the password"

There is more typing sound and exchange of words

"It is not working"

I am unsure about the password.  I had created the account a while back and had forgotten what I entered as the password. (The nightmare of password management is a topic in itself).

I have my wife's android phone open. I specify the username and try the password myself.  It does not work.  I now click on "Reset password".  The email should have gone to their email id.

"I have reset the password. Can you open gmail and see it?"

"Ok, we will open gmail"

"Can you see the latest email - from Skype?"

"I see do-not-reply - this is an automated email"

"Ok, what else?"

"That is all we see"

"Can you please click the email?"

"I am clicking, nothing is happening"

"How can nothing happen?"

"There is a check box - it is getting checked and unchecked"

"Hmm!  if you click on the email, can you see the contents on the right side?"

"No, we can see nothing"

"Can you see other emails?"

"Yes, we see your emails"

"Can you open them?"

It is now 15 minutes on the phone and I have no idea how to proceed.

"We will have a relative help us tomorrow"

"Ok, good night"

I still don't know why Skype shows a person "Online" when he/she is not, and allows me to call him/her. And as for smartphones (or smart-tablets, as in this case) - are the devices smart or the people expected to be smart (read tech-savvy)?