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Hathway, docsis modem and captive portal

I have been using Hathway cable modem for my internet and it has served my needs well.  The downtime is less, their call center is reachable and their plan rates are decent.

Recently, Hathway introduced new Fibre Broadband Plans for Home Users in Bangalore (and elsewhere).  This plan gives a speed of 50 Mbps (small "b").   The rates looked decent.  Hathway folks came to our apartment and gave a demo.  
The temptation to upgrade was too hard to resist.  There was a non-refundable New Plan Activation charge of Rs.562/- (Rs.500 + tax).
I called up the Call center and was asked to send an email to the billing department.   I got a call from them. They asked me to pay the relevant charges online and let them know.  This I did and the next day, had a person from Hathway come over.
The modem had to be changed to support the "high speed". The new modem - which uses docsis technology was a black one with Hathway logo embossed.   It is Skyworth's CM4100 model and not li…

Office pizza lunch

"How about a pizza lunch?" suggested a colleague. 
It was a while since we had had a team lunch and pizza seemed to be a good idea. 
It was a hot Friday noon.  We thought why not order instead of braving the sun and going in person.  
We had a choice between Pizza Hut and Dominos and preferred the latter (ostensibly due to some offers they had).   My colleague thought she got 50% off on the bill amount, when in effect it was 50% off on a couple of pizzas.  
Anyway, the order was done online - a first time for me.  I had always called and ordered or gone in person. (Hmm! when I think about it, it has been a while since we ordered)  The payment was done by credit card (to save the trouble of cash/change and all).  The website apparently gave regular status update on the order - food being prepared, packaged and out for delivery.

Dominos is less than 2 km  from our office and it was logical to assume it would take about 5 minutes (6 min by car according to google).  5 minutes …

Automating a cordova ios build

One of our customers needed an android and iOS mobile application.  We identified cordova as the technology to be used to develop it.

We had done a cordova/phonegap application earlier for another customer.  When we did that, it was only for android.  Subsequently, we got it running in iOS also (with minimal efforts), but the exercise of building the iOS project was not automated.
This time, I wanted to automate the iOS build process too. 
One of the best practices for cordova projects is not to check-in the contents of platform folder.  Cordova copies over the contents of www folder to the corresponding subfolders of the platform folder during each build.  We wanted to follow this practice.
It is good to create the cordova project right.  Previously, we had used phonegap CLI to create the project and subsequently used cordova commands to build it.  While this works, it is better to stick with one - either phonegap or cordova.   
We chose cordova for the following reasons: